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Why a Leadership Retreat?

  • Every organization, leadership group or team, needs to tweak its leadership process, structure or just way of thinking. It is difficult to get everyone on the same page to achieve your goals while still carrying on the day to day responsibilities. Sometimes, it is necessary to gather together and have some group time away.
  • Whatever format you choose, be it a one or two‐day retreat, it should be held at an off-site, quiet space. No phones, no computers. You will be amazed at what can be accomplished when your group cannot be distracted and can focus on the well‐being of the organization.

Our Method

  • Leadership On The Move! will discuss and condense the issues or challenges you face and develop a program to present to the group. These might include communication issues, lack of vision for the future, peer respect or perhaps just a reminder of the importance of all departments or divisions within an organization.
  • Through the use of ice-breakers and other program starters, Leadership On The Move! will get the group relaxed and in the right frame of mind to kick off the retreat.
  • Towards the end of the retreat, there will be a wrap up time for any remaining questions and to development a long term plan to ensure progress made at the retreat will continue. Also, we will schedule a quick follow up to help with developments that occur when the group returns to the “real world.”




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