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Leadership Style Assessment

We all are parents, coworkers, educators and everything in between. Each individual has their own leadership style. LOTM! uses a program called “Rainbow Leadership”, which links leadership styles with matching colors. You will not only discover your leadership style, but you will learn to recognize the style of those around you. How much more efficiently will your group work together if they know the tasks each person is best at accomplishing?

Leaders can be found in Fortune 500 companies, professional sports teams, or Chiefs of Staff at medical facilities around the country. Although not everyone can reach the upper-tier of those worlds, it does not mean leadership skills are not needed. No matter your occupation or education some amount of leadership skills
are required to succeed.

The time and frustration that can be saved by knowing each person’s style is amazing! All groups have to work together, and after this workshop, participants will know how to work together to become more efficient and productive.

    • We can customize this discover to fit your group’s needs. We can make it a couple of hours or a day with other group activities.
    • We can come to your site or you can bring your group and choose to add our one-of-a-kind ropes course.




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