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What are simulation games?

Simulation games provide a stimulating group environment designed to introduce ideas, concepts, and principles related to society. The cooperation and compromise which occurs in most simulations can be used to establish an atmosphere of experiential learning while providing a common experience for illustrating ideas, focusing questions, and examining points of view.

The Programs

SIMSOC (Simulated Society)

SIMSOC stands for Simulated Society, that is what the simulation is all about… “simulating a society.” SIMSOC helps participants gain insight into the multi-faceted complexities of maintaining a “society.” During the activity participants are placed in a situation where communication, trust, problem-solving, and face-to-face interactions are a must! SIMSOC is an excellent teaching tool for those who need to truly “experience” the complexities of working with the broad spectrum of needs, wants, and desires through a diverse group of people. The simulation requires a minimum of 24 participants and a full day (6-8 hours) to truly maximize the learning experience.

More about SIMSOC...

BaFa BaFa

The BaFa BaFa simulation examines the values, expectations, and customs of two cultures. The game illustrates how a lack of understanding and perspectives can lead to misconceptions, breakdown in communication, and counterproductive attitudes and behavior. Group discussion focuses on reducing misunderstandings and increasing interaction through cooperation. BaFa BaFa is most effective with a minimum of 20 participants within two hours’ time. For each 12 participants add an hour to complete and process to acquire the desired results.

Dick and Lura have facilitated BaFa BaFa for adults and youth in community leadership programs, school administration staff, and corporations over a 25 year span. Their focus for this activity is on Diversity Awareness.


They Shoot Marbles, Don’t They?

They Shoot Marbles, Don’t They? simulates an economy with industry, real estate, social service, government, and law enforcement. This extremely fast-paced simulation dramatically illustrates the complexities and difficulties of community leadership. Through active participation the simulation also enhances interpersonal relations, produces improved communications, encourages and rewards innovative thinking, and provides the basis for meaningful discussion. Time requirements: minimum of 2 hours and 15 participants.




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