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New school year? New staff?  Want to start the school year with team development so the staff get to know each other and ultimately work together better?  LOTM can provide a variety of services that fits your schedule.  Whether it is a two, three hour, half day or more, each session is designed specifically to meet your needs.  We can come to your site, on your time.  

Theories of team development and group dynamics try to convey the excitement, empowerment and growth generated by a fully functioning team. However, human behavior is infinitely more complex than any theory! A team’s potential is often limited by the constraints within its members; real or imagined. Our programs help individuals reach outside of their comfort zone, and challenge group members to realize how their individual actions affect the overall team goals.

Our approach to staff development is a little bit different. We don't lecture about staff unity, but rather work to place your staff in mentally and sometimes physically challenging situations designed to engage participants on an experiential level and allow them to discover what truly builds a great team.




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